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AtomicGrog's Moderator Application

Tue Oct 29, 2019 3:37 am

1. What is your Minecraft Username?
Alt's of MegaGrog and LuluGrog who have not been used on MMCC (They are my childrens characters who were too young originally to sign up themselves)

2. What is your current rank?
Member (On OmniFactory)

3. What rank are you applying for?

4. What is your time zone?
AEDT/AEST, Approx. UTC+10

5. How long have you been playing on Modded Minecraft Club?
2-3 month

6. How often and at what times (In US-EST) can you be on each day (please be detailed)?
Weekdays Typically 4 hours 3am and 8am US-EST
Weekends Quite erratically between 4pm and 8am US-EST

7. How long have you been playing Minecraft in-general?
I pretty much returned after a long break in Jan 2019 after approx. 3-4 years layoff. Cant remember how much i played prior, would have been fun stuff with the kids.

8 How long have you played Modded Minecraft?
Pretty much same answer as above, prior to break played a little tekkie before it became classic, since jan been through SF2.5, SF3, SF4, SB2, Rev, a little SA, Cont.

9. In what ways have you already helped the server?
Nothing serious, i enjoy helping players if they have an issue so in a non staff roll i’ll normally help by working through the problem with them. Likewise on forums.

10. In what ways do you plan to help the server after you become a staff member and how will holding your requested rank help you do that?
Probably more of the above but able to assist with lost items etc. on a more official basis (i already have a habit of replacing items for people if they ask and look legit). I also play rather odd TZ hours which would help staff cover 24 hour day. From what I’ve seen most staff are US/EU which leaves a bit of a gap.

11. Why do you want to become a moderator/admin?
I like to help people, is nice to do it in a semi official capacity.

12. Why do you play on Modded Minecraft Club rather than other servers?
I was playing OmniFactory elsewhere, the server was having a number of performance issues which weren't being resolved. When I can across the MMCC instance it was being well managed and improving (referencing the enablement of channels). Since starting I'd enjoyed the environment and have invested a amount of time on my setup and interaction with other players. I'm more than happy with the arrangement, am not one to move week on week if i find a good fit.

13. In what ways would you improve the server if you owned it?
I'd like to introduce some starter improvements, the initial 20-50 hours of OF is a real grind and causes a fair amount of early player turnover. I believe it would be beneficial not just to OF as there is a fair amount of cross server dialog.

14. Have you ever been a staff member before (on a different server)?
Yes, I had ‘Helper’ rank on Craftersland Revelations, for approx 2-3 months.

15. If so, are you still a staff member? If not, why not? Please be detailed.
No I’m not still a member. As mention to Lord Capy, I have an issue with responsibility vs. capabilities, I believe it comes from past history of managing systems and knowing i was the last stop. As a helper i had responsibility but no abilities, and when i couldn’t prevent grief or personal attacks on players I couldn't deal with it on a long term basis.

16. Have you ever been banned? If so, please explain why in a detailed manner.
In the strictest sense I’ll say no i’ve never been banned.

I’ve worded it like that because I had a brief stint on void world 2 where the server had software which would ban players if the players island was causing a problem. In my case there was a weird men gas tank vs. EIO pipes issue which caused the server to crash on restart. After 2-3 attempts to log in I received a ban notice until my based had been sorted.

17. Why should we choose you over other applicants or maintaining our present size?
I’m offering my services, support, time in order to help the MMCC community. I's hard to say what that would be over and above other applicants, all i can honestly say is i'll do my best for all and provided i settle in it wont be a short term thing.

18. Please rate your English skills from 1-10, 1 being no English and 10 being a native speaker with perfect grammar.
I love this question because I can use my standard answer: I speak english because I am english :D
On a more serious basis I’d have to give a 9. My grammar isn’t perfect by my own standards but It’s native English with a Aussie twang.

19. Do you speak any other languages? If so list them and rate them 1-10.
No, only ever spoke English and never really had a need/desire to learn another language.

20. What advice can you give to deal with people who have trouble acting maturely?
It really depends on the scenario imho but most of the time its a case of asking them to stop untoward actions and to act respectfully. That failing, a case of highlighting the implications of their actions and well … following through it required. I do believe that warnings/actions should be fair and appropriate but also that there is a need to follow through with them to demonstrate that there is a consequence to the offenders actions..

21. What would you do as a moderator or admin if a new player joins and spams the chat with suggestions to make the server better?
I’ve seen the server banning guide etc., i’d do my best to follow those in a far an appropriate manner, in this case as above it would start with a request to stop followed by a warning and then if the problem persists appropriately defined action.

22. What would you do as a moderator or admin if a player was griefed but they did not claim their build?
The rules say no refund. I’d honour that but if the scenario was notably large i’d ask advice from staff/management.

23. Would you respond differently if they claimed their build? If so, how?
The rules depict no refund for unclaimed losses which infers the opposite for claimed land. If this happened and depending on the size of incident i'd seek advice/support on item replacement or chunk restoration

24. What would you do if a player joins the server for the first time and suddenly brags in chat about having many more items than they should have at that point in the game?
I'd start by seeking evidence and then escalating. Provided the player isnt causing immediate damage i would envisage that there would be time to do so.

25. Link to any previous staff applications you have made to this server.

26. If you have made previous applications and any were denied, why were they denied? If the reason for denial was not included, then please attempt to figure it out.
No prior applications, no prior denials.

27. Link to any staff applications you have made to other servers.
I cannot link crafters land application, they are removed from public access once the application process has completed.

28. What is your username on each of the following websites (for any you are aware of, have an account on, and are willing to share)?
 - Youtube
 - Minecraft Forums
 - FTB Forums
 - Spigot
 - GitHub
 - Stack Exchange
 - Sponge

29. Do you have a phone, ipod, or tablet? We do not need a phone number, but we use two factor authentication for which a device that can run android or ios apps is necessary.
I have a iPhone, happy to use a certified app for the function.

30. Are you willing to use a password manager for your Minecraft, Discord, and MMCC forums accounts? If you don't know what a password manager is finding that out is part of the application.
Yes. I typically use 1Password, but any alternative would tine, it need to have a publicly recognised capability (I’d not be willing to install something ‘private’ to MMCC with any permissions on my phone/computer.

31. Provide any additional information you would like to include:

1. I've not seen an accurate description of the Moderator roles, tools, responsibilities, as such some of my responses will be biased towards seeking advice rathe that taking action straight away. Am of the belief that unless there is immediate damage taking place then there would be time to do so.
Theres lots i could say but I’ll try keep it relatively short, it’s more about who I am rather than what I can do for MMCC though.

2. I’m pretty old, spent a fair time (~1985 to 2011) managing systems and servers, I’m presently a solution architect for a large AU bank in their trading division. I got there not because of programming skills, but being able to make the most of a system, and applying it in the best way for our users ‘the business’. Can I code? technically yes, but i’m more of a code fixer than a coder.

3. I’m practical and self learning, both physically (preparing cars, laying floor boards, 3d printing etc. etc. etc.) and logically (managing systems, profiling them for optimal usage, proactive to avoid outages etc.), I life to fix stuff, cant resist (notice the fixing theme…).

4. I’m not much of a risk taker, probably because of a combination of family parenting responsibilities and job role, so I bias towards seeking advice or do research rather than taking immediate action if i don't understand what's happening.

Hopefully that isn't too painful to read apologies for any typos.

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