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Hiagg's Moderator Application

Tue Oct 30, 2018 3:39 am

What is your Minecraft Username?

What is your current rank?

What rank are you applying for?

What is your time zone?

How long have you been playing on Modded Minecraft Club?
562 days according to the beyond channel.

How often and at what times (In US-EST) can you be on each day (please be detailed)?
Currently all day almost every day. Times only change depending on when I go to sleep.

How long have you been playing Minecraft in-general?
6 years.

How long have you played Modded Minecraft?
6 years.

In what ways have you already helped the server?
Working on the new pack, helping various players when I'm not messing with them, and various things in discord. Also that one time on beyond where I found the exp machine that was chunkloaded and killing the server and got the lag fixed.

In what ways do you plan to help the server after you become a staff member and how will holding your requested rank help you do that?
Keep things lag free, and assist with peoples issues on whatever pack I'm currently playing on. It'll give me access to the needed commands to help with things like claims, finding what's causing lag, and fixing things in claims when people are offline.

Why do you want to become a moderator/admin?
So I can help out the players more without having to constantly call on other staff members to fix it for me.

Why do you play on Modded Minecraft Club rather than other servers?
Mostly because I like the community here. The servers are almost always lag free, and if they aren't, you guys try hard to fix it if you can. No/very few banned items is also a plus.

In what ways would you improve the server if you owned it?
Get more storage space so we can do rftools with superflat/void worlds in easy to run packs like skyblock or stoneblock as it'll take basically no extra resources with that little world generation. Also veteran rank for people that have been around for awhile (maybe a year?).

Have you ever been a staff member before (on a different server)?
I was a gym leader on skydoesminecrafts pixelmon server way back when.

If so, are you still a staff member? If not, why not? Please be detailed.
Server got shut down years ago because it didn't stay active enough.

Have you ever been banned? If so, please explain why in a detailed manner.

Why should we choose you over other applicants or maintaining our present size?
Because I can be active a lot, am already a part of the community with experience on almost all the packs that have been hosted, and have vast knowledge of minecraft and modded as a whole. Which I'm always expanding if there's a thing I don't know.

Please rate your English skills from 1-10, 1 being no English and 10 being a native speaker with perfect grammar.

Do you speak any other languages? If so list them and rate them 1-10.
Nope, no other languages here.

What advice can you give to deal with people who have trouble acting maturely?
Give them a few warnings about it if they're being overly excessive about it, and if continue doing it a short mute can be in order.

What would you do as a moderator or admin if a new player joins and spams the chat with suggestions to make the server better?
Read them and see if any are any good. Talk to them about it as I'm active in the chat all the time. And if any seem good I can ask you guys about them.

What would you do as a moderator or admin if a player was griefed but they did not claim their build?
I would refund them a little bit as a player, doing so with my own earned items and tell them how to claim so it doesn't happen next time. Also ban the player who did it since griefing is against the rules even if unclaimed.

Would you respond differently if they claimed their build? If so, how?
Refund as a staff member, using creative or other spawned in items, and see if possible to roll back any serious damage. Also perma ban the player who did it as griefing a claimed area would have to be on purpose and done with malicious intent.

What would you do if a player joins the server for the first time and suddenly brags in chat about having many more items than they should have at that point in the game?
Check them out while invisible. It's entirely possible to progress very quickly like I myself do. But if they do end up being a cheater then I would ban them.

Link to any previous staff applications you have made to this server.

If you have made previous applications and any were denied, why were they denied? If the reason for denial was not included, then please attempt to figure it out.
Because they were just joke submits and not actually meant to be taken seriously, and as such I didn't properly format or answer most if any of the questions. They were highly low effort.

Link to any staff applications you have made to other servers.
The forums all no longer exist so this is impossible.

What is your username on each of the following websites (for any you are aware of, have an account on, and are willing to share)?
- Youtube
- Minecraft Forums - Hiagg
- GitHub - Hiagg

Do you have a phone, ipod, or tablet? We do not need a phone number, but we use two factor authentication for which a device that can run android or ios apps is necessary.
Yes to android, no to ios.

Are you willing to use a password manager for your Minecraft, Discord, and MMCC forums accounts? If you don't know what a password manager is finding that out is part of the application.
Depends. I can discuss this with you at another time.

Provide any additional information you would like to include:
As far as the ban length and severity of any punishments I would need some info on that so I'm not just giving super short or super long bans all the time. Not that we have any problems anyway for the most part.

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