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Direwolf20 and ATM

Wed Mar 21, 2018 1:25 am

Hello MMCC,

As many of you are unfortunately aware, our Direwolf20 server has been experiencing severe lag. We have concluded that this is do to irreparable corruption in the world caused by a Sponge bug. As such, we will be resetting this server’s world. To ensure that all of our players’ hard-earned progress, however, is not lost, the original map is being kept temporarily available at All players on this server will be given a creative cell for Applied Energistics upon request, and they are welcome to put however many items they want from their existing base into said cell. An AE chest will be provided as well to players who do not have an AE system. After it is filled with the desired items, the cell may be given to a staff member to be transferred to the new server. Such transferring will occur when the prereset server goes down, because every transfer requires a server restart, and those are something we prefer to minimize – especially with the downtime in the past few days.

There is, however, much happier news: a new server! That’s right, we will be creating a brand-new server for All The Mods 3, our most request modpack. There is currently no ETA for this server’s arrival other than soon™, so make sure to check for new announcements.

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