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New Shop, Currency, and Method to Get Currency!

Wed Oct 04, 2017 3:15 am

Hello members of the MMCC community!

It's finally time to officially announce our new currency, Modded Minecraft Club Credits! To use these new credits, simply run the command /warp shop. The admin shops are already set up, with a new area to suggest items for the admin shop as well! These credits are already avaible on FTB Beyond and will be appearing on Age of Engineering soon™. Thanks to dallenforth for providing us with such a great shop to use on our servers!

Still have industrial diamonds burning a hole in your pocket? Don't fret, the spawn shop will stay open for a few more weeks until the server fully converts over to credits. After that, only credits will be accepted and the spawn shop will used to remedy glitched crafting recipies, items that you can't get in the world, etc.

We are also introducing a new method to obtain credits: Reviews! You can easily receive 24 credits by writing a review on the Feed the Beast forums! Simply write an honest review and notify the staff that you've written a review to receive your reward. We want honest reviews, and you will be rewarded no matter the score, but we we would appreciate if you would allow us to remedy any issue you have that would prevent your review from being 5-stars before you post it.

You can also purchase a player shop within /warp shop to sell other players anything you want! To learn more, read about it on the wiki here.
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