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Abluuu's Moderator Application

Sun Dec 16, 2018 6:56 am

What is your Minecraft Username?

What is your current rank?


What rank are you applying for?


What is your time zone?


How long have you been playing on Modded Minecraft Club?

77 Days, first login was Sep 30, 2018 according to the discord bot logs.

How often and at what times (In US-EST) can you be on each day (please be detailed)?

During this time of year, if I'm actively playing, I can be on pretty much every day, for varying amounts of time. When I actively played ATM3, I was on for anywhere between a few minutes to 12+ hours. My sleep schedule generally cycles between night and day due to weird work hours this time of year as well.

How long have you been playing Minecraft in-general?

My account was made in Feb 2012, so almost 7 years years.

How long have you played Modded Minecraft?

Probably around 4 years.

In what ways have you already helped the server?

I helped work on a public mob spawning project on ATM3 when natural mob spawns were disabled.

In what ways do you plan to help the server after you become a staff member and how will holding your requested rank help you do that?

132 mentioned you guys planned on doing a complete overhaul of advertising soon, but none of the current admins had very much free time, so I would probably help with that in any ways I can. I would also help with day to day problems on the server, troubleshooting lag, promoting members, helping people with claims, etc.

Why do you want to become a moderator/admin?

To help the community and lighten the load for other staff members.

Why do you play on Modded Minecraft Club rather than other servers?

My old modded MC group died and this was the first server I came upon, for I believe Continuum. Then I realized it was dead and found out you guys had other servers and happened to join ATM3 just after it reset. I liked the community and people that played here, as well as how knowledgeable the staff members were and never had a reason to even look elsewhere.

In what ways would you improve the server if you owned it?

I would try to find another pack to replace Continuum.

Have you ever been a staff member before (on a different server)?

I've been admin/staff on quite a few servers. Redstone Community servers, Blockcrafter servers, and a few modded, private servers. I've ran probably a dozen different modded and bukkit servers for friends/private communities as well.

If so, are you still a staff member? If not, why not? Please be detailed.

No. RS/BC servers were shut down years ago, and all the private modded servers were just temporary.

Have you ever been banned? If so, please explain why in a detailed manner.

I was banned for using an autofisher script 4 years or so ago on a bukkit server, while trying to power level mcmmo skills.

Why should we choose you over other applicants or maintaining our present size?

I have a lot of free time and am very responsible.

Please rate your English skills from 1-10, 1 being no English and 10 being a native speaker with perfect grammar.


Do you speak any other languages? If so list them and rate them 1-10.

Spanish - 2

What advice can you give to deal with people who have trouble acting maturely?

I suppose it depends on what they're doing that's immature. Generally the best advice is to just ignore them. If they're being disrespectful, griefing, or otherwise breaking the rules then report them to a staff member.

What would you do as a moderator or admin if a new player joins and spams the chat with suggestions to make the server better?

I would let them know that they need to stop spamming chat messages as it's against the rules and link the rules wiki page. If they were legitimate suggestions and not just troll spam, I would maybe tell them to write a single, collective post and send it in the discord for other staff members to see.

What would you do as a moderator or admin if a player was griefed but they did not claim their build?

I would let them now that unfortunately I can't refund or roll back unclaimed items or land that was griefed, and recommend they try and make sure they always claim their builds. If there are any logs/logblocks, I would look through those and try to find out who did it.

Would you respond differently if they claimed their build? If so, how?

Yes, their items would be refunded or their claim would be rolled back via whatever methods are available to staff.

What would you do if a player joins the server for the first time and suddenly brags in chat about having many more items than they should have at that point in the game?

I would investigate their inventory and/or claims for signs of duping or other means of exploiting and consult other staff members if there was anything suspicious.

Link to any previous staff applications you have made to this server.


If you have made previous applications and any were denied, why were they denied? If the reason for denial was not included, then please attempt to figure it out.


Link to any staff applications you have made to other servers.

RS and BC forums are long gone and the private servers were mostly via Skype.

What is your username on each of the following websites (for any you are aware of, have an account on, and are willing to share)?

Empty and set to private. - Youtube
Forces me to login with twitch and no other options, though I'm pretty sure my account was empty anyway. - Minecraft Forums
n/a - FTB Forums
n/a - Spigot
n/a - GitHub
n/a - Stack Exchange
n/a - Sponge
Closest thing to any of these I have is a pastebin - https://pastebin.com/u/MiraMiraMira

Do you have a phone, ipod, or tablet? We do not need a phone number, but we use two factor authentication for which a device that can run android or ios apps is necessary.


Are you willing to use a password manager for your Minecraft, Discord, and MMCC forums accounts? If you don't know what a password manager is finding that out is part of the application.


Provide any additional information you would like to include:

I'm currently going to school for Computer Science and have a bit of experience modding and and scripting various games. From running quite a few of my own servers, I've gotten a good bit of experience with researching and debugging to fix problems and tps issues in game. Though most of this has been with old 1.6/1.7 packs, so there are a lot more tools available now that I've never used. But I am quick and willing to learn.

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Re: Abluuu's Moderator Application

Mon Dec 17, 2018 9:44 pm

Added some information to "Provide any additional information you would like to include."

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