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Sever Financial Status

Sun Jan 14, 2018 2:43 am


As you all probably know, Minecraft servers are expensive to run. Modded Minecraft Club requires US$59 per month to maintain our dedicated server infrastructure, in addition to other less frequent fees such as the domain name, a varying yearly cost, and additional ip addresses¹. As the staff can not afford this monthly bill alone, we ask for donations from players who are able to help out financially. Often this alone is sufficient, but, right now we are running low on money. The server current has US$116.57 in its account², which is enough to pay for one full month of operation and 97.6% of the following month. In the interest of financial responsibility, however, we prefer to keep four months of funds in the account at all times to allow us to continue operating during time spans with few donations. Clearly, this is not the case, and after the next bill, due January 20th 2018, we will be unable to continue operating without further donations.

As such, I would like to ask all players on MMCC who are in a financial situation where they are able to do so to donate at our store. You may purchase the VIP rank for US$10.99 per month, or you may donate any amount in US$5 increments without receiving any in-game perks. You may donate in nearly every currency (if you would like to doante in crytocurrency, please contact 132ikl), with automatic currency exchanging built-in. Furthermore, although we use PayPal as our payment processor, you do not need a PayPal account to donate; you may proceed to checkout using PayPal, then when requested to enter your PayPal credentials there is a “Pay With Debit or Credit Card” button that allows you to enter the credentials for a debit or credit card instead. Lastly, I would like to thank all of the players and staff who have donated money in the past to help MMCC continue to exist, and to reiterate that you should donate only if you are able to afford doing so; your well being is more important than a Minecraft server.

Thank you.

¹: Ip addresses are a technical resource that can be used to create additional servers, although MMCC now prefers SRV records now as they do not cost money.
²: Information on where all donated funds went, with names of donors removed, since the server started is available upon request.
Hello! I'm 132ikl, one of the owners of the server along with john01dav. Thank you for joining us here at Modded Minecraft Club!

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