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What happened with Sevtech and what are we going to do about it?

Sat Nov 09, 2019 1:31 am

To all players of Sevtech, I understand why you're irritated. The reason that it has taken so long to do anything regarding it is that my IRL job stands on my neck and seems to think that they'll go out of business if anyone has a life outside of work. I say this to show that I, too, am irritated about the situation and that it isn't really something that we can control. If we had more funding, we could hire full or part time staff to handle these things more promptly, but, as an unpaid volunteer organization, things take time. This became especially bad after MeniMeni left due to some personal issues, as they were, at that time, doing the majority of the staff work. To be clear, I am not upset at them nor did they do anything wrong, but the fact is that that is the primary cause of the Sevtech issue. The rest of the staff team wasn't prepared to suddenly take over everything that Meni was doing. Since then, to mitigate this issue, we have taken on two new staff members and are actively recruiting more (even if we have not approached you specifically, please do feel free to apply on the forums, and ask me about any questions that you have) in order to fill this gap. I am also considering ways to get more free time for myself, a significant portion of which will go to the server if it works. There are also some other, currently classified, projects in the works to reduce this issue through greater funding. It is unclear if those will succeed. With that said, you all have decided to trust us to run a server well and we have let you down. For this, I sincerely apologize and commit to have Sevtech working before Monday, cancelling other things if need be.

When MeniMeni left the server, I found myself as the only active staff member despite my lack of knowledge regarding Sevtech and some of the other packs that MeniMeni essentially handled all technical issues for previously. Around the time that they left, I was the only active staff member so I did my best to fulfill my duties as an admin to these servers. Given my lack of knowledge at the time, and multiple players calling for a reset, I decided to do a vote to gauge what people think in a way to give those who are less talkative a chance to voice their opinion should it differ. It did not. The reset scenario includes a world download because it is unjust to players who are already established in a map to take their base away from them, should they wish to continue on it after they can no longer do so in a multiplayer context. As such, at that point, it became clear that a reset was the best option, so I made it the official plan. Resetting the world is not a trivial matter, however. For example, I had no idea what caused the issue in the first place or even how to properly identify if my reset map fixed it. I also didn’t know what made sense to bring over from the old server (e.g. nothing, achievements, items) due to my near-complete lack of knowledge about the pack. For this reason, I was unable to find the time to properly work through those issues at all, so they were left unresolved. On most days, I would get up, do what I had to do, and finish 15-16 hours later, exhausted and needing to not do further work.

Considering this context, I hope that it is clear how good of a solution that it seemed to be when I became aware of the possibility that simply expanding the world border (a few minutes of staff time, after deliberating to determine if it is a good idea) may fully fix the issue. This removes the question of what went wrong, since if it didn’t work someone would probably tell me quickly and thus it wouldn't waste significant time, as opposed to a full reset which is about a full day’s work. It also, very obviously, removes the need to worry about what transfers since everything does. As such, I authorized the next staff member who was in-game to expand the world border and announce what they did in #announcements. Honestly, I was expecting this to fully solve the issue. Unfortunately, that does not seem to be the case.

My understanding of why players are still upset is 1) that it took so long to begin to resolve this and that 2) some players still want a world download. Firstly, regarding players who are upset that it took this long, know that I am irritated too about my lack of free time, that we are doing everything that we can to solve it (e.g. new staff members, increasing budget to pay staff members in order to get more staff time), and that we are all volunteers. Despite this, the delay was unacceptable, hence the guarantee that it will be done by Monday. To address the point about a world download, my only concern about providing one is that it may undermine the server. Any server, including MMCC, needs players to continue its very existence. If we offered a world download freely, then whenever any player got upset (as happens sometimes because, try as I do and as close as that usually gets (judging by complaints, anyway), it is impossible to please everyone.) we would hemorrhage players, possibly ruining the server for everyone because a server without players simply doesn’t exist. We offer downloads in the case of a reset because it is blatantly unjust to essentially steal someone’s base from them. As long as the server is online, however, their base is available to them. With that said, what the current goal is is to make the server, as an online non-world-downloaded experience, fully playable and fun. It is my understanding that the world border expansion has fixed all current non-trivial issues (please tell me if this isn’t right), so it would seem that that goal is accomplished. If we can not accomplish this goal before Monday though, I will make a full world download available and reset the map. In the meantime, please communicate all issues so that we can avoid making this bad situation worse by losing members of the community. To be clear, this means no reset or world download now and we will try to make the online server fulfill its purpose fully in order to make a world download and reset unnecessary. If that doesn’t work, then the world download and reset will take place before Monday.

TL;DR: If you have time, I suggest reading the whole thing because the length is there to convey important details. If you don't, however, MeniMeni left the server due to personal issues, we weren't prepared for that because we’re all volunteers. We’re recovering, but we’re not quite there yet. This is the reason that Sevtech has taken so long to be handled. It is my impression that the world border fixed the issue, making a world download and reset unnecessary. If this is not the case, then please communicate that ASAP so that we can work on fixing it. If we can’t fix it by Monday, then, and only then, will we do a world reset and download. We won’t provide the world download now because we don’t want to make a bad situation worse by losing players, and, if the server can be made to work fully before Monday, then a world download is unnecessary because anyone can just play on the server.

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