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Read this first + What is this section for

Fri Mar 10, 2017 4:49 am

Many software projects have an issue tracker, or a website in which users may report bugs they find. As modded Minecraft can be very buggy, we believe it is important to have a single, unified, place to keep track of all ongoing and solved issues. As such, we have created this forum section in which there is to be one thread for each issue. Anyone may post a thread, but, we ask that you thoroughly look at the currently open threads* to determine if someone else has already reported the problem you found.

Please note that if you have a security issue to report (ie. something that a malicious user could abuse to cause significant damage), then please tell it to a staff member privately. We have an internal method to keep track of these.

When you post an issue, please use this format for the title of the post (ie. "[Direwolf20] [URGENT] crash bug when specific players join"):

Code: Select all

[SERVER] [PRIORITY] <brief description>

The following priorities may be used:
  • DOWN -- Something that prevents anyone from joining
  • URGENT -- Something that prevents one or more players from joining
  • MEDIUM -- Something that seriously restricts playing on the server
  • LOW-LEVEL -- Something that is a minor nuisance

When you post an issue, please use this format for the body of the post:

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[b]Issue Description: [/b]
[b]Client-side mods: [/b]
[b]Latest known date the issue still occurs on: [/b]
[b]Exact steps to reproduce the issue: [/b]
[b]Exact coordinates of the issue (if applicable) (give some way to get there (ie. one of your homes) if you can't get coordinates):[/b]
[b]Client-side crash logs (if applicable) (ask in Discord or the forums if you need help obtaining these) (please use pastebin or similar): [/b]
[b]Your in-game name: [/b]
[b]Any other information you wish to include: [/b]

* When an issue has been solved, it will be "closed." This means that it will be moved to the Issue Tracker Archive. When an issue is closed, users may still reply to it, but, it is not possible to post new threads in the archive. You may report a thread to ask it to be re-opened.

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