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Applying to be in your realm.

Thu Dec 15, 2016 4:02 am

I am Larkin, (larkinjet is the member name)
I have been playing on Minecraft since beta. Just about the time I got bored, then came FTB. Generally speaking, I prefer mods like techworld and direwolf. I was on a German server and it folded.. (Something to do with Curse) Then the MYM server and lately Craftersworld but I am still looking for a new home.
(Check with MYM if you want to do a detailed background check)
I'm afraid that I'm not much of an adventurer. I don't usually use magic and I don't fly. this is by choice. I don't approve of quarries because they f*ck-up the environment and void the "hunter gather" aspect of the game. However, I don't pass judgment on others
On the positive side, I am a builder. I can build infrastructure like roads and level 10 connecting routes. I like to claim a base but I never lay claim on work I do beyond that. I especially like underwater bases.
I have direwolf20/1.10 and minecraft 17.10.
Thank you,

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Re: Applying to be in your realm.

Fri Dec 16, 2016 12:30 am

Welcome to Modded Minecraft Club! I hope you find our server thoroughly enjoyable and decide to join our community :) I should note though that we don't have a whitelist -- you are welcome to join any time. The ip is and we use the Direwolf20 1.10 pack on its latest stable release.

You can see the reasoning behind our not utilizing a whitelist on our Reddit server post:
To those who may be concerned about the lack of a whitelist: do not be. Our philosophy is to ban the meanies rather than only let in the goodies. This because no screening process is perfect and whitelists serve to create an unnecessary hassle for legitimate players. We have an active staff team who will quickly remove any troublemakers from the game. So far, this has worked very well for us and we encourage you to try our server as well! Furthermore, if a meanie does get in, we have strong anti-grief and block logging plugins in place to prevent any damage and to allow roll backs should those preventions fail. This is in addition to automated daily backups.

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