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DemonScythe45's Moderator Application

Sat Mar 24, 2018 4:31 pm

What is your Minecraft Username?

What is your current rank?
I am a member in the FTB Beyond, Age of Engineering, and Direwolf20 servers.

What rank are you applying for?
I am applying for the Moderator position.

What is your time zone?
UTC -6 hours

How long have you been playing on Modded Minecraft Club?
I have been playing on MMCC for almost a year now, since the beginning of June last year.

How often and at what times (In US-EST) can you be on each day (please be detailed)?
I am on Discord almost the entire day, usually starting at 8AM EST when I have school or usually 10AM EST otherwise. I am usually online until 12AM EST. I will likely not be able to actually join the game during school unless there is a serious problem that needs to be resolved.

How long have you been playing Minecraft in-general?
I first started playing Minecraft when version 1.2.5 released.

How long have you played Modded Minecraft?
I tinkered with Modded Minecraft starting in version 1.4.7, however it was version 1.5.2 before I really got into it.

In what ways have you already helped the server?
I created a tile entity listing server-side forge mod for the Age of Engineering server to assist with finding the cause of an excessive number of tile entities resulting in a severely decreased server tick-rate.

In what ways do you plan to help the server after you become a staff member and how will holding your requested rank help you do that?
I plan to assist with resolving low tps issues and the rank provides in-game tools needed to analyse what objects in game are taking an excessive amount of tick time. I also plan to be available to make custom changes to mods as needed to solve problems or to make mods from scratch if called for.

Why do you want to become a moderator/admin?
I have been with this community for nearing a year and I would like to contribute back to it by improving the experience other members of the community have.

Why do you play on Modded Minecraft Club rather than other servers?
This is one of the very few servers that takes things seriously and does a good job hosting and maintaining multiple mod-packs concurrently, as well as the fact that the staff and other players are very kind and helpful.

In what ways would you improve the server if you owned it?
The only change that I would make would be to add more ranks that can be achieved by various levels of playtime. With those ranks there would be different bonuses such as added claimblocks, and a shared machine room in game for certain ranks.

Have you ever been a staff member before (on a different server)?
I have been a moderator on a different server.

If so, are you still a staff member? If not, why not? Please be detailed.
I am no longer a staff member on that server. Myself, including several other staff members who all volunteered their time, did not appreciate the rude and unappreciative behaviour of the owner who acted as if we were paid staff and expected us to do things by a specific time in a specific way. All of us left that server and never returned to it.

Have you ever been banned? If so, please explain why in a detailed manner.
I have been banned before, and the reason being that either the owner or a staff member was not using their power responsibly and chose to ban me for simple differences in opinion on certain things that were trivial and unrelated to anything of importance.

Why should we choose you over other applicants or maintaining our present size?
I have knowledge on using many different forge mods, working with the claiming system used by this server, as well as writing forge mods and diagnosing problems that occur in code written in Java. I also have a decent amount of experience using Ubuntu based operating systems and IPV4 networking (although I have never used IPV6.) All of these are either very useful to know or essential for this server to continue to function.

Please rate your English skills from 1-10, 1 being no English and 10 being a native speaker with perfect grammar.
While I am a native English speaker and can communicate effectively when needed my grammar is not always perfect. So I would give myself a score of 9.

Do you speak any other languages? If so list them and rate them 1-10.
I do not speak any other languages.

What advice can you give to deal with people who have trouble acting maturely?
This is a community where everyone is expected to act maturely and be courteous to others, and it is not asking much to behave in this fashion. If people continue to act immaturely after being politely talked with some minor punishments such as a temporary mute would be needed.

What would you do as a moderator or admin if a new player joins and spams the chat with suggestions to make the server better?
I would politely ask them to refrain from spamming chat and would direct them to the forum section dedicated to dealing with suggestions. They would be muted if they continued to spam chat.

What would you do as a moderator or admin if a player was griefed but they did not claim their build?
When a player who did not claim their land is griefed for the first time, I would point out to them that it is a rule to claim their land and would warn them that although their items would be refunded the first time, the next time it happens they would not get a refund.

Would you respond differently if they claimed their build? If so, how?
If a player who claimed their land was griefed, their items would be refunded as they would be following the rule of claiming their land.

What would you do if a player joins the server for the first time and suddenly brags in chat about having many more items than they should have at that point in the game?
I would silently monitor them for a period of time after making these claims, to see if they are just trying to attract attention or if they truly managed to get an unusual amount of items. If they were simply bragging they would be politely asked to stop and muted afterwards if they did not. If they were not simply bragging, then the items would be destroyed and the person banned (assuming it wasn't someone else who acquired the items legitimately, in that case they would have to be dealt with instead.)

Link to any previous staff applications you have made to this server.

If you have made previous applications and any were denied, why were they denied? If the reason for denial was not included, then please attempt to figure it out.
I failed to follow the instructions for the application process by not putting questions in bold text.

Link to any staff applications you have made to other servers.
The one and only staff application I have made on another server likely still exists, however the mechanism for applying is not a public forum-based one such as this and thus is not publicly available.

What is your username on each of the following websites (for any you are aware of, have an account on, and are willing to share)?
- GitHub DemonScythe45

Do you have a phone, ipod, or tablet? We do not need a phone number, but we use two factor authentication for which a device that can run android or ios apps is necessary.
I have already implemented two factor authentication.

Are you willing to use a password manager for your Minecraft, Discord, and MMCC forums accounts? If you don't know what a password manager is finding that out is part of the application.
As discussed with John, I will not be using a password manager but instead will use written copies of passwords that are not saved anywhere else.

Provide any additional information you would like to include:

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