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Staff Application

Thu May 18, 2017 10:03 pm

What is your Minecraft Username? Taylor_1996
What is your current rank? Member
What rank are you applying for? Mod
What is your time zone? Eastern time zone US
How long have you been playing on Modded Minecraft Club? A month
How often and at what times (In US-EST) can you be on each day (please be detailed)? I can be on everyday all the time as long as im not working 8am- 12am
How long have you been playing Minecraft in-general? Since Alpha
How long have you played Modded Minecraft? 2 years
In what ways have you already helped the server? Im constantly on constantly voting if staff arent on to help out players I do what I am able to
In what ways do you plan to help the server after you become a staff member and how will holding your requested rank help you do that? I will help the server by being able to fill the US time slot so when the other admins are unable to be on I will be able to fill in that time slot so that we can always have a staff member on.
Why do you want to become a moderator/admin? I want to be able to help players when there is an issue so they will stay and play on our server.
Why do you play on Modded Minecraft Club rather than other servers? its a small server no lag the players and staff are helpful and nice.
In what ways would you improve the server if you owned it? I would have resets on the other worlds every other week to keep them fresh so that new players also have a chance to get things.
Have you ever been a staff member before (on a different server)?Yes
If so, are you still a staff member? If not, why not? Please be detailed. I stopped playing minecraft for awhile and college took up alot of my time.
Have you ever been banned? If so, please explain why in a detailed manner. No
Why should we choose you over other applicants or maintaining our present size? Well there are no other applicants and I fill the US time slot and I have alot of experience staffing servers
Please rate your English skills from 1-10, 1 being no English and 10 being a native speaker with perfect grammar.10
Do you speak any other languages? If so list them and rate them 1-10. No
What advice can you give to deal with people who have trouble acting maturely? I would just let them know that what the are doing is immature and let them know they should fix it.
What would you do as a moderator or admin if a new player joins and spams the chat with suggestions to make the server better? I would ask him to stop spamming but then I would take his suggestion into consideration and if it is a good decision I would take it to the higher staff.
What would you do as a moderator or admin if a player was griefed but they did not claim their build? I would try and get their base rolled back and then tell them to claim it so it doesnt happen again.
Would you respond differently if they claimed their build? If so, how? I would still have their base rolled back and warn them to be careful on who they trust
What would you do if a player joins the server for the first time and suddenly brags in chat about having many more items than they should have at that point in the game? I would first check to make sure how they got those items, make sure they didnt steal them from someones base or make sure they arent hacking. I would also just let them know to just play the game and to not brag about the items that they have.
Link to any previous staff applications you have made to this server. None
If you have made previous applications and any were denied, why were they denied? If the reason for denial was not included, then please attempt to figure it out. None
Link to any staff applications you have made to other servers. Servers would no longer be up
What is your username on each of the following websites (for any you are aware of, have an account on, and are willing to share)?
- Youtube ItsSzuroh
- Minecraft Forums ItsSzuroh
- FTB Forums ItsSzuroh
- Spigot ItsSzuroh
- GitHub N/A
- Stack Exchange N/A
- Sponge N/A
Do you have a phone, ipod, or tablet? We do not need a phone number, but we use two factor authentication for which a device that can run android or ios apps is necessary. Yes I do
Are you willing to use a password manager for your Minecraft, Discord, and MMCC forums accounts? If you don't know what a password manager is finding that out is part of the application. Yes I would
Provide any additional information you would like to include: I would really like to be able to help the server out with making sure that staff are always on no matter what timezone people are on. I also think it would be helpful that I fill the US time slot and that would be very helpful.

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Re: Staff Application

Thu May 25, 2017 2:31 am

I am sorry, but I need to deny this application for the following reasons:
  • Minimal answers that do not contain the information we are looking for
  • The application contains punctuation and general grammar mistakes despite giving self perfect score in language.
Hello! I'm 132ikl, one of the owners of the server along with john01dav. Thank you for joining us here at Modded Minecraft Club!

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Re: Staff Application

Thu May 25, 2017 2:46 pm

Who are you

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Re: Staff Application

Thu May 25, 2017 3:04 pm

Taylor_1996 wrote:Who are you

132ikl is the other owner. This server has two owners.

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Re: Staff Application

Thu May 25, 2017 3:12 pm

Oh yeah I was being a smart ass since hes inactive and does nothing on the server

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