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Whitelist Policy
Server Specs
Here at MMCC we have a no-whitelist policy. That is, any player can join the server; no application, no hassle. Whitelists are ineffective at preventing bad guys from getting in, and all they do is add hassle to legitimate players. Instead, we implement a system where players gain the Member rank after spending some time on the server and building basic machines. The entire MMCC network runs on a single very powerful dedicated server located in Falkenstein, Germany. This server has an i9-9900k processor, 64 GBs of RAM, a guaranteed internet connection of 1000mbps (both up and down), and two 1TB enterprise-grade SSDs in RAID 1. At MMCC, lag won't be an issue.
Effective Moderation
We want MMCC to be a healthy, but also free community. As such, we implement rules when neccessary. Our rules establish a grief-free and respectful environment. You may wish to read the full rules on our wiki. Far too many communities from far too many parts of the Internet have been ruined by corrupt moderation teams, out for power and not the improvement of their community. Here at MMCC, we pride ourselves in not falling victim to this community destroying issue with owners who will respond to corrupt moderators swiftly and effectively and a set of enforced, public, guidelines for moderator behaviour.